At Baleen, we believe that customer value and the customer's experience is the core underlying driver to business.  We invest in companies with amazing products that their customers love, high growth prospects, and superior unit economics, leading to high and profitable growth over time.  We're looking to invest in and support the current and next generation of great companies.

We are long-term investors, with the capability for flexible structuring and speedy execution, as long as there is evidence of customer excellence.  Previous investments have taken the form of venture capital, private investments, and debt, as well as public equity. 

Current investments include Deako, Bulk MRO, Snappr, Agentology, and Darmiyan on the private side, and public companies such as Google, Facebook, Tesla, Twilio, and Purple.

We're looking for people and companies that make things that their customers love.

If this describes you or someone you know, please reach out!

Prior to launching Baleen in 2012, Fang Li's experience included public equity at a Tiger-seeded fund, late stage private equity in New York and Hong Kong, M&A advisory, sales & trading, and Bridgewater. 
For more, see this podcast and essay

If you are an accredited or institutional investor interested in supporting amazing companies and compounding capital over the long, long-term, e-mail us!